[Events & Gatherings] The 17th Anniversary Party, Nov 14

The 17th Anniversary Party, Nov 14

Our Alfa Club is turning 17 this year! It's  the fun, the design and the lifestyle which our beloved brand offers keep us  together for more than 6,000 days! Do we need a better reason for the  celebration?3 h7 z- n) Y) e5 b7 O8 M! ]: P1 @
There will be party, there will be  laughters, there will be lucky draw and above all this, there will be old  friends reunions! How can you afford to miss this? Let's come together and make  it an evening to remember!
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$ \1 o# g- m) p6 ^The 17th Anniversary Party -  14 Nov 2015
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Nov 14 2015 (Sat)
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Gathering Time:
" `  R+ J, M  [- B3 j, g
8 x- V6 f3 j8 t' d0 `2 M
Gathering location:Public Carpark, Yau King Lane, Tai Po[大埔 優景里 公眾停車場]
, M% Q- y+ |0 j' `
Party Place:Courtyard by Marriott Hong Kong Sha Tin
1 |0 C, K7 Y5 O1 s
Price:$500 [paid-up member]+ `/ d1 x8 D; A2 C  g
$550 [non member] + D, L* @; J! E( o: I% T  {
$300 [children of age 3-11]
Parking:Parking lot next to the hotel! {1 Z# R8 X4 m- q( A
$40 (from 6pm to 8am next day)
Remarks::- Price includes buffet dinner% }6 ~4 _* h2 N: y" Y/ N1 X& e
- Should you have any queries please contact  Kimio (9194 0868) or Bosco (9235 8324)
My 2nd car is a Scaglietti!!