[Events & Gatherings] Fish Farm BBQ and Morning Drive - Aug 15

Fish Farm BBQ and Morning Drive - Aug 15

Ciao Alfisti  E2 N" f& r, W# K
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A lot have been going on these several weeks: Alfa has a new logo, the Nuovo Giulia has come into debut, maybe another 4C is also approaching AROCHK....../ L! j# Q  y0 n1 U9 U; k& E8 {+ L
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Similarly for the Club. The technical sharing in Jun was a great opportunity for us to learn more about our Alfas.  In August we're going to spend a day in a fish farm in the middle of Sai Kung sea where we will consume some seafood, get close to the mother nature as a family outing.
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  S9 H; `' O% B9 ~7 o9 }5 CAlso the Morning Drive at the end of the month 30/8 will also be waiting for you. So make sure you be there!7 }6 B+ ~" {* y4 @" P

) d6 s9 K5 Q+ z9 a" DDetails as follows: -
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% c& V+ S& I6 j5 K- j* @Fish Farm Outing in Sai Kung - 16 Aug 20154 `5 X6 B8 S' c3 S* u6 u

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Date: 3 G  Y! J) B9 u) R$ G4 n: O' f
16 Aug 2015 (Sun)
6 w2 N% r3 F3 q# {
Gathering Time:
% i. p" ?" P' V  z$ ]
' {; X! Y3 r" R& T% ?
Gathering Place:Sai Sha Public Carpark, Sai Kung6 G& h3 Q! ^  t6 k; \. G
Fish Farm Location:西貢漥西灣魚排
Ferry sets off:2:30pm
Price:Paid-up Member: $100
3 G; |6 Q' F9 H5 I- v7 L3 oNon paid-up member: $120
Remarks::- Price only includes the entry fee to the fish farm% |1 T, e+ _; n7 ]
- Dinner can be joined at will and costs shared by all participants
8 E  \$ P, `& Z! x- Parking: Fees to be shared by the Club0 U3 c/ F4 ]: |. o- t) K8 O6 r
- Should you have any queries please contact Albert (9471 3585) or Kong (9133 4391)
9 R% E$ j5 m" ^4 u1 _# p6 A
4 k3 j1 G  m, u5 {& G& a* [% P

: |, t1 w, C4 \; r+ A3 r5 C4 c, n+ C! P
Morning Drive - 30 Aug 2015
0 E( F/ m# S1 U
: @6 _% z3 j8 m- L* Z& ?
/ M2 b2 z' W4 f9 _) Y
30 Aug 2015 (Sun)
+ j) n7 b- {- r2 c0 T$ r8 Y* H8 e
Time:( C  m) a5 n$ Q" p& b  [+ H
/ P4 E! d% h+ p; u; S
Gathering Place:Public Carpark, Yau King Lane, Tai Po[大埔 優景里 公眾停車場]
Remarks::- Route and breakfast place to be announced at the gathering place: s+ x" m0 ?/ R4 m1 P+ f8 w: f
- Should you have any queries please contact Albert (9471 3585) or Hung (大雄) (6601 2613)
Price:To be shared by all participants who join the breakfast
My 2nd car is a Scaglietti!!