[Events & Gatherings] Technical Sharing and MD in Jun 2015

Technical Sharing and MD in Jun 2015

In Jun we're organising a technical sharing session on the 13th. We're going to share everything we know or we don't know during that event. If you have any technical issues or maintenance problems about Alfa which you want to ask, just show up and join the event on the 13th. Of course you're not going to forget the upcoming MD on the last Sunday of the month!
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1 w$ y! G* u+ r) g- d9 w" b7 _Technical Sharing Session  -  13 Jun 2015
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13 Jun 2015 (Sat)8 [' O% v5 E4 L, s+ a1 l0 S
Gathering Time:
& J6 X% [8 C+ v3 r- e- w- Q
3 A: s8 n5 m9 F8 I* z0 L# v/ ~
Gathering Place:Kowloon  Bay International Trade , Wang Chin Street
3 v* M* v( ]( H$ n- w九龍灣國際展貿中心,宏展街
Meeting  Place:Metro Town Club House, Tseung Kwan O 都會? 屋苑會所
Sharing Starts:5:00pm
Price:Paid-up Member: $80
, d9 r3 h5 p8 Z" V& z4 ?9 sNon paid-up member: $100
Remarks::- Price includes drinks and dinner: C7 R  w' K1 p4 I9 z
- Will start in a parade to head towards Tseung Kwan O
+ I( l6 E- `7 ]3 H  O- Parking: To be advised
( @) K( J$ Z1 K/ ?+ {- Should you have any queries please contact  Albert (9471 3585) or Bosco (9235 8324)
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' Y. o/ _6 i0 q, I' D: ?Morning Drive -  28 Jun 2015
  H# E) ~! R/ q

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Date: 9 a: @! f7 V# c
28 Jun 2015 (Sun)
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Time:: @9 h4 x: u# z0 j
6 o  D* k( @7 Y- c5 S
Gathering Place:Public Carpark, Yau King Lane, Tai Po[大埔 優景里 公眾停車場]
Remarks::- Route and breakfast  place to be announced at the gathering place1 U; |4 P" u  ?& s
- Should you have any queries please contact  Albert (9471 3585) or Hung (大雄) (6601 2613)
Price:To be shared by all  participants who join the breakfast
My 2nd car is a Scaglietti!!