[Morning Drive] 1st MD in the Year of the Sheep 22 Feb

1st MD in the Year of the Sheep 22 Feb

Kung Hei Fat Choy!% n+ V% Q2 Z2 F; P) c
- m5 u$ Z, a# b# D1 @# [
AROCHK wishes you and your beloved Alfas a happy and prosperous year of the Sheep!5 J- W9 A- v1 t% \6 P$ @

% j% C4 U4 L9 A& D$ }* v3 q1 C3 }We're stepping into the year of the Sheep very soon. The upcoming Morning Drive will be on 22 Feb (大年初四) which is a great opprtunity for all AROCHK members to get together and 拜年. Chances are you maybe able to receive some red pockets too....haha! So be there!1 X6 T9 H  x, L% v! B
* z5 |) A  H0 k5 Z
Date: $ ]0 _5 W0 J! f! K% s' P  p
22 Feb 2015 (Sun)# z* O. |: a8 t7 x5 y3 W
5 ^; k- K) `$ K) r) x
& X7 z: Y0 [2 q: H$ @/ ]$ p; N
Gathering Place:Public Carpark, Yau King Lane, Tai Po[大埔 優景里 公眾停車場]
Remarks::- Route and breakfast  place to be announced at the gathering place" x7 ]; N3 Y0 E7 y! g3 a: {
- Should you have any queries please contact  Nicky (9644 8703) or Hung (大雄) (6601 2613)
Price:To be shared by all  participants who join the breakfast
My 2nd car is a Scaglietti!!