[Morning Drive] Morning Drive - 25 Jan 2015

Morning Drive - 25 Jan 2015

Kung Hei Fat Choi!
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) m$ ?( I9 b$ q- B) S. HAROCHK  wishes you and your beloved Alfas a happy and prosperous year of the Sheep!5 o5 X( G" D5 g# Q6 h' c3 G
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Don't miss the last Morning Drive in the year  of the Horse on 25 Jan!

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Morning Drive -  25 Jan 2014& P5 W8 j, b* e" D5 ^# J( X

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25 Jan 2015 (Sun)( k/ P: M# W3 K2 v0 c
Time:) P% Z2 Q: ^5 z
) `0 [5 x0 I5 x1 Y4 f
Gathering Place:Public Carpark, Yau King Lane, Tai Po[大埔 優景里 公眾停車場]
Remarks::- Route and breakfast  place to be announced at the gathering place, h' }% {2 f7 x" ~) h
- Should you have any queries please contact  Nicky (9644 8703) or Hung (大雄) (6601 2613)
Price:To be shared by all  participants who join the breakfast
My 2nd car is a Scaglietti!!