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Subject: [Photo] 11 anniversary part [Print This Page]

Author: Jonathan_Lee    Time: 2009-11-30 15:37     Subject: 11 anniversary part

Here comes with some latest photos.
Author: Kelvin_Leung    Time: 2009-11-30 21:21

Some Pics...Please enjoy
( L7 L* u1 O9 C8 G  ~7 |' I. A0 b" g1 {: q  z2 s+ S- I. `+ x/ {
Author: Kelvin_Leung    Time: 2009-11-30 21:48

More Pics...... & k$ x6 m5 U9 N& N) u" t

* h- \3 L* `6 G% @, W[attach]317[/attach][attach]302[/attach][attach]303[/attach][attach]304[/attach][attach]305[/attach][attach]306[/attach][attach]307[/attach][attach]308[/attach][attach]309[/attach][attach]310[/attach][attach]311[/attach][attach]312[/attach][attach]313[/attach][attach]314[/attach][attach]315[/attach][attach]316[/attach][attach]318[/attach][attach]319[/attach][attach]320[/attach][attach]321[/attach]
Author: Kimio_Ng    Time: 2009-12-1 03:09

My new GT
Author: Bosco    Time: 2009-12-1 10:39

% y, u3 E9 L4 ~, g+ n. z- V& iNice pics!: E1 s2 d- Y4 q$ j) a. ~
4 Y; H3 K* Q! p8 N# _  ~
0 h1 K0 e. M8 {; ^. B. F* L3 ]1 VCan't you upload pics?: s. c& ?6 F" P
1. Click Post Reply in the lower right corner which will open up a page with lots of options.
- N) r. b- Q4 Y+ S( |: L: _2. Look for Browse in the lower left corner to upload pics from your hard disk
8 M) ]% B, i8 }+ I$ v8 `  D( R! P5 L/ ^& B
Author: Jonathan_Lee    Time: 2009-12-1 19:42

Author: Kelvin_Leung    Time: 2009-12-1 20:13

/ v- u7 V. I; C& f; F% h9 K( b+ ~6 a% e6 d# j" c; h; n, |
go...go...go...  b' R* P4 t0 n- }" B
* K5 ]+ B9 q+ x
Share your pics with us......
Author: Kimio_Ng    Time: 2009-12-2 03:12

Let me try....
Author: Kimio_Ng    Time: 2009-12-2 03:17

May be i can't attach last time due to the file size were too big....
Author: Kimio_Ng    Time: 2009-12-2 03:20     Subject: My GT 3.2

My GT 3.2
Author: Jonathan_Lee    Time: 2009-12-10 09:22

Author: Bosco    Time: 2009-12-10 10:46     Subject: That is nice!

* b* _5 @% N% \% I2 e9 m8 j" P* JThx for posting the first AROCHK youtube movie in the new forum. It is fun!
Author: martino    Time: 2009-12-15 22:47

Hi everybody. 5 h& ^+ E- n; `, G7 h1 @9 M, c2 W
I just a new comer on this forum. My. name is Martin. may be some brother know who am I.9 v0 Y) ^7 B) _/ i
What I great day knew from you movie and photo.
$ M5 W+ c8 C  o4 B( x; }. Y" A  `let me join on coming next year!!) S3 u: z. `% I6 k7 D8 e

Author: Bosco    Time: 2009-12-16 23:43

Thx for the message. We met and of cos we know how u are!
, h3 D% V* Q* p. ?# r" }Sure you are welcome to join our events. Look forward to seeing you next time...haha

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