[Sharing] Hello , My 166 conversion 3.2GTA engine completed

Hello , My 166 conversion 3.2GTA engine completed

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  This is Mason ,(highpower racing co.,ltd ) from Taiwan , I just finished my alfa 166 3.2 GTA engine conversion.# z( N/ g9 ^& u9 @  `4 u: H0 k1 k/ `
WOW , the 156 GTA engine it's amazing and powerful , the engine rev increase so fast,  ( ^) l7 T0 Y; `0 c
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Cheers,( N* H2 l1 p8 ]0 e' D. j& g0 g


Hi Mason,
" D5 w& _4 e' E1 B* ~, h9 G: uCould you share some photos to us?7 X8 R0 ]* l9 c: }% g% B* O* N
Are you still using automatic gearbox?
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: ^4 t3 ]+ X8 F: VPercy


' |' K9 v5 q) V7 u* ^* x! d  I have conversion to 6 speed manual gearbox 2 years ago due to the sportronic gear box failure ,
* K' |2 o* K" v& W" q% Q  166  performance better with manual gearbox  , now GTA engine + 6 speed gearbox wonderful * p) ~3 d1 a6 Y& W' B. ^7 y
/ B; g: L  o" Q) B  H, |( @
  I have record manual gearbox conversion I don't know if you can see it .
$ ?% ^4 T8 m/ k. z  part I
& q7 j/ c; u. C, L  \" G$ l0 n  p( s  PartII @  k, W# B. q
  6 t* _8 V$ p5 B" Y
  About the GTA engine, The engine is very young , only 25000km mileage ran, and comes from Japan ,! `8 `) o4 K  ]# O
it has problem due to water ran into intake manifold .  
# q" k& {8 i9 G; s) j9 t# [1 dThe engine long block is same as 3.0V6 engine , only the piston marked 3.2 on it.: a# v& h2 I- ]( N$ y7 u5 H
Take good look , you will see "3.2" + P9 t4 {+ M  B

6 `* `6 h& t( r I put on my facebook  , maybe can see it. ALFA 166 GTA engine conversion u0 P4 R; d0 i& E5 h. `

! S: f  o4 k$ r, \: |7 yNext step ,I am planning to put the Big throttle and the carbon intake manifold on my 166 ,


I will put the suspension on my ALFA166 , anyone has installed the FK suspension before?
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' E( p: E! k4 [I will post the drive experience after replace done.


Hi Mate,
6 ~7 [0 n; w3 A( l0 u: G. Q, Q2 N/ i- x  ?# _
Long shot, hope you're still around. % z- H) [5 ]0 c9 H9 L/ A

3 x8 k# Q7 H1 N# h; v* j% c2 kI'm about to start converting my cf2 166 from a knackered ZF auto to 6spd manual. Can you provide any detail on how you dealt with the engine management side of things, as I understand it the engine ECU recieves signals from the gearbox ecu and if it doesn't, it causes the car to drop into limp mode. Any detail you have would be greatly received. + _, }: a/ }9 a; z! q. j

$ V) b. `+ l3 Z- Q! \4 F" iAlso, 5 years on, hows it going?3 o- w0 h* P" ~' ~6 o. T( t; i
+ ^, @" V3 d  f& ]+ g5 i
$ {4 h' J9 O0 w. q: @
2 S: e8 \: S. ]1 ?Steve