[Official News] Alfa Romeo 4C is coming!

Alfa Romeo 4C is coming!

Good news guys!
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BBC Top Gear has brought some updates regarding the production 4C.
2 l# g. }2 |# `1 ?9 pMain points:
( e" B  j3 n  v- Base model at £45,000 (HKD550,000)
6 Z, n* A" N3 g$ O- o+ K3 H- d- Prototype by mid-2012, final sale car by mid-20138 J' \6 @- i6 X7 `; T' s# d! y1 O
- Slightly different materials used for production car's structure, panels and engine; but will remain similar in looks
$ o- a- ~: T2 ~4 ]( x1 V" s# |- 900kg, 230hp engine, 0-100km in 4.5sec+ A# D1 y1 q& E5 t: m/ ?9 Q
- Potential 300hp, and cabrio versions later
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9 D% ^# R  v6 H* p" r2 pI can't wait to see one on the road! hopefully we will get the 300hp model& i) r( o$ ?6 n# F+ R( v
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Hope this time it's for real!
My 2nd car is a Scaglietti!!


Sure it will comes true.