[Photo] Console alfa 156

Console alfa 156

Hi I have a question I would like to have an alpha 156 single din kit part No ex 560006 has you there or do you help my going on they are only in Japan for sale but do not know where this article is to seek to console in Japan I I also brand name that article I hope you find my going on can help in Japan I will send pictures of the console along thanks Carrozzeria AVIC-DRV 250( H4 \* @% @7 G8 O9 ^9 V, c5 J

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$ f7 S* {( C: QClick image to enlarge
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Image Proud Proud
! B8 K$ ?% N/ V8 ]9 x) ~Installation shop Proud
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To Alfa Romeo 156 Carrozzeria [Raku Nabi] AVIC-DRV 250( U5 w; j! _/ p! A3 [
Installation example. Mr. Proud Mastering Marketing Kits Skillfully 156( s4 y3 c- s7 p6 S8 J
Proposal of in - dash to owner. Genuine in the dash position
. J# z% E* Z9 m! j& g1 A+ |# hMove the audio to the console, into the empty dash space Inda
* e/ ]  v$ }' l- nThis kit that you can install a monster, Alfa Romeo& l+ d5 g) q1 p9 V' Q
It is on sale from Hachiko, a renowned diller.
% Y7 x/ H' l. f3 o* jThe price is a bit stretched, but it is attractive that you can install beautifully,
) @1 [: P( P, y4 eAlso, ashtray is smoked because it will be attached after machining the ashtray space
  x) _0 ~: [) M2 MPlease examine sufficiently.4 U* U8 e& v' Y' [2 G; L
(The kit differs with right steering wheel car, left steering wheel car)


Console facelift alfa romeo156 bj 2004

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in_alpha_156_3.jpg(27512バイト)in_alpha_156_2.jpg(25515バイト)/ o& b, }2 D% D& |# X) U0 k
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$ u& ~; O( k9 ~  ?取付店プラウド3 X% T6 K( n# E  F- H9 r
5 d0 C- u$ \4 |
アルファロメオ156へカロッツェリア【楽ナビ] AVIC-DRV250; q5 H7 K6 K$ i, C
& a: q- W# a! D: s5 \- N) I" Sオーナーさんへインダッシュのご提案。ダッシュ位置にある純正
5 P3 n& s5 p$ g0 nオーディオをコンソールへ移設、空いたダッシュスペースへインダ$ F$ Y7 k" ^2 H
ッシュモニターの取付ができるというこのキットは、アルファロメオ3 h9 W, l+ x" Y0 n4 j- P" n
ディラーとしても名高い八光自動車さんより発売されています。/ o; u& j  j, T. R6 Q
値段は少々張りますが綺麗にインストールできることが魅力です、! `% l/ N* E8 `' `* x
また、灰皿スペースを加工しての取付になる為、タバコを吸われる6 x2 [" P* |7 s, {/ I/ e. J6 w
+ n) x/ v( f- {(右ハンドル車、左ハンドル車でキットは異なります)