[Events & Gatherings] Trip to Europe 2016

Trip to Europe 2016

AROCHK - Trip to Europe 2016 [Enrolment Deadline: 5 Nov]
) ~5 M2 j9 u* ]5 V
& ~9 i. U6 m3 E. c
, g9 C, t# I9 P7 E' @* m
" f' |4 i4 z% T/ N+ L9 E* {
The last pilgrimage to Italy was 5 years ago where we had a trip in a lifetime to have joined the Alfa Romeo Centenary Functions. It's something that you won't forget as an Alfista.
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% \0 V' q$ T& U  eFive years later we're starting to wave the flag again to gather a tour group to Italy.      On top of that the trip is extended to cover also France and Switzerland.    The highlights of the journey are of course Maserati factory (4C assembly line) and Lamborghini factory visits and ; x( N0 U! s: W
needless to say, the official Alfa Romeo Museum in Milan,    etc. The trip will span from 11-23 Jan 2016. Pleae scroll down for the tentaive itinerary.
2 W5 |+ K' ^3 y/ f
$ T( t" ], A* `# p8 \- A" `7 TThis is going to be a self-drive trip which covers most of the journey. And the target number of rental cars is around 3.; I0 U4 R  h+ C4 X9 P

1 C1 o  s7 H/ @2 cWe've also    worked out the budget (per head) for the whole trip:
  |8 f) m7 m$ k3 b1 X - Paid-up member for the year 2015/2016: $25,000
8 c5 q' Y1 _/ i0 q" p - Non paid-up members: an additional surcharge of HK$300 would be applicable        
9 c0 o' h+ F5 C! U
2 m  W7 l  ]6 w8 K/ y3 Q, M+ VThis amount is going to include all meals, hotel accommodations, airfare, entrance fees to  factory and museum visits, EXCLUDING car rentals. Also, sometimes  quick  lunches can only be provided depending on where we are in the middle of the way.4 ]1 }4 h, i+ ^3 D/ Q

7 ?& _% s9 y! x2 XIf the trip sounds particularly interesting to you, to facilitate the booking of air tickets and hotels, please contact Albert (9471 3585) or Yan (9109 7880) as soon as possible. Deadline of the enrolment will be announced shortly.                    
( v* A& @, B. V3 `1 U, `) ]: G& n/ K
This is going to be a trip to remember and AROCHK doesn't organize trips like this often! The target size of the group is around 10 and so we truly    need to act quickly!8 }# E9 |. g( J& y* n" G

( l1 M7 `8 P+ ?" X; RFeel free to raise queries in this thread should you have any. ( E, I4 d, r% N+ C
+ }9 C/ `# z" T- \
1 n9 G  _# X7 {, M
4 O7 k# @+ l  z; D
Day0 c6 J% P& I. }
Major    Activities
+ F& n! T4 p, H3 h7 x
Place of    Stay at Night
2 }' e9 u( e3 P
+ G- d8 K0 L% n0 Y8 ^5 O: K# U" N
+ K- n9 e& b# B

3 S  s: Z6 K5 z; W- d1 w: [, B) }0 B

! x0 n. R# @- }* X; D2 u4 M
10/1- K( [8 b6 V7 a
Sun5 g/ y3 f4 r  Y. B; u+ f6 i# G
Depart from HK, head towards Milan by direct night flight. Gather    at HK    airport at night& \0 T4 ~. s$ {! d3 a
! \4 O* a+ Y0 Z) I' @
11/12 z- ?0 x) O9 R) y# d5 O
, |+ A3 N9 A  ^' r4 A- e% Q- T/ P4 ?
Arrive in Milano in the morning. Alfa Museum Visit# [3 X1 ~0 i, d2 W6 D$ A& u+ H
Piacenza1 c- W, y2 k- C5 l- d: L$ k0 W
' F' ^2 x0 ?" z# m! i, w
* Q6 X! M+ I- |
Maserati Factory Visit and Ferrari Museum
- E" h7 {. ~) |$ T" w) c
Modena" U7 v  X# r% G$ R; J
( h0 O0 g1 a8 R6 \! Q( H! v
8 {* \3 A$ h" ]* H; L
Lamborghini factory and museum visit
8 T2 w3 v& Y" ?6 F9 `
  J+ q6 k6 Q7 [- P8 e
14/12 s/ o  V. L& t+ z4 x
- }2 R3 s9 y8 @7 J4 g6 A
Sight-seeing in Firenze, Fiesole, Pisa5 |. h. i; b2 U2 o; S/ C
Pisa or La Speria2 }- ?, z$ p/ C7 R7 z9 b
) P$ q3 @& `) E. X$ R5 u
Fri, j2 Z1 ^0 \* K
La Speria sight-seeing, head towards Torino via Genova% n% n6 x8 i* U. Z
, z, s. t! K  z% B, T4 u
: o5 [2 ^- q1 u4 Y8 r: }  T
Sat: _! `/ |) c  h8 ?* |/ C
Museo dell'automobile visit, Alfa/Fiat Souvenir Store, Torino Palace
9 K: J! H" \9 ]* k+ \3 N
Courmayeur or Chamonix2 B5 e7 e9 J- C$ X
3 ?& T& {9 I& S4 |$ d
Sun) \5 H, D! Z3 c) [
Head towards Chamonix in France and Geneve in Switzerland; s+ {( L- z! y( f; D
Bern8 Y* m+ f* L- H
18/1+ k" i; t- A* m8 Y6 V) {1 D1 P
5 C3 V, Q/ e$ l) b0 x& ^
Tour around in Bern and Jungfrau (少女?)
8 z, r" K0 b4 G8 E1 J; T5 B5 t
Interlaken or Lauterbrunnen2 \8 L: k0 `' t( y, W
/ X) e1 N, d7 s
( _- S; k  _6 w5 i& h
Sight-seeing in Luzern and Zurich
7 t6 g! f  N( y8 f
Zurich or near Italian border
( N# I7 H1 N9 Y- Z1 w( w8 i8 @* L: U
- y! G# }+ I0 i. J& x; U2 e
Wed( D" L+ t- t0 N& E
Drive back to Lake Como district and Milano for sight-seeing
( z( n% b  {+ q. r* J
Milan" j) [9 w8 h: _
21/1ThuShopping in Milan Outlet storesMalpensa
( R* O- Z; E* K. g4 H" \
4 I; q- H! h5 x# n
Catch flight by mid-day
' R, c$ S& `3 R4 `: g5 Y
Airplane' B" n/ M: x3 Q( W
/ p  \/ s2 d4 h  O0 R6 e  v
*Remarks: Itinerary maybe tweaked as a result of inclement weather. Part of driving trip could be replaced by train as a result. This itineray is tentaive and being reviewed currently. The number of sight-seeing points could be reduced if found to be too agressive.
# b* @2 F, i7 K
% t9 K- X+ H3 A' {8 e! L) W
My 2nd car is a Scaglietti!!


Alfisti6 L* T' y; x  o4 @+ f" L* \" }
' e' a! G$ d7 u6 g+ P  F+ J
I hate to say that the enrolment is about to end on 5 Nov. This is to allow us to plan for the air tickets and hotels based on more solid participant numbers. So it's really time to make up your mind before you miss the trip in a lifetime!
# e, Y9 i  O" e5 z0 ]8 Z4 l! c* Q
  {4 Z! r6 K6 m% BHurry up!!
My 2nd car is a Scaglietti!!