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Here you will find information about our club, its history, activities, photos, how to join the club and a forum for you to discuss matters related to Alfa Romeo marque and the club.

AROCHK as a registered club, continually strives to be recognised as one of the premier motoring club in Hong Kong and aims to better develop and enhance the driving and motoring skills of it's members in particular and the community as a whole..

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The Committee board of AROCHK

The Alfa Romeo Owners Club Hong Kong is a government registered non-profit making body formed by a group of Alfa owners and enthusiasts.

The Club’s objectives are to bring together owners and enthusiasts of Alfa Romeo, through regular meetings, newsletters and to exchange views and experience in matters relating to Alfa cars.

You are sincerely invited to join our club as a member to share with us your passion towards Alfa Romeo.

Please return the completed application form(.doc) or (.pdf) together with your recent photograph and a crossed cheque(The annual membership fee is HK300) which made payable to: Alfa Romeo Owners Club Hong Kong to our correspondence address: 9/F, Park Tower, 15 Austin Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Alternatively, you could submit the completed application form together with payment personally to any of the attending committee members at any upcoming event or stay tuned to our"Events And Gatherings"thread in the forum to find out what the Club has planned.

For Enquiries, please call: 9471 3585 (Albert Li), 9327 3023 (Jonathan Lee) or fax to 2646 3713.

本會是一政府註冊非牟利組織,由一群擁護愛快羅密歐汽車人仕組成。 目的是希望透過舉辦活動和出版會員通訊與愛快車主和車迷聯繫,並就一切有關愛快汽車問題與會員交流經驗。


請填妥附上的申請表(.doc)或(.pdf)連同閣下的近照和劃線支票(會員年費為港幣三佰元正) 抬頭「香港愛快車會」)寄回本會郵政地址: 九龍柯士甸道15號 百達行9字樓 香港愛快車會

或於出席活動時將填妥的表格並連同會費交予任何一位執委成員,請留意論壇中"Events And Gatherings"有關本會來年活動的安排。

查詢請電 :9471 3585 (李德沛) ,9327 3023 (李樹泉)或傳真 2646 3713。


The Committee board of AROCHK